Summer is early this year I guess... Also Cream Lemon came out in August of 1984, not July :P

Originally posted in Nyaa, on Feb 21 2014, 00:03
Happy birthday adult animation!!!

Most of the fans did not probably put this date on their agenda, but this is true that the very first adult animation was released 30 years ago. That was the first episode of "Lolita Anime" for the record, released 21.02.1984 on VHS and Betamax formats, in Japan of course. Cream Lemon first came out in July of the same year. So let's celebrate with another masterpiece of that era! :D

Sea, sex and sun. This would probably summarize pretty much today's release. The time: summer. The place: a beach. The protagonists: You (not you, You! :p) and Mina. The plot: a summer romance, in which both partners are keeping secrets about the reason to be in that very place.

Very nice animation and tear-inducing ending, I won't spoil more, and hope you (not You, you :p) will enjoy the show.

On a technical note the episode director was Ide Yasunori, who later contributed to anime titles like Burn Up, the second Silent Mobius movie, D4 Princess or Onegai Teacher (the last title being of much importance to our team leader :o).


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