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Before going for another release, I'd like to discuss a bit about the fate of the series outside Japan. Despite being heavily focused on loli characters, a bunch of episodes managed to get released in some places where sexual censorship is in principle not an issue. But not always in the most faithful way... Will edit the text later if I find more informations.


Around the late 80s (1987 at earliest considering the corresponding japanese release dates of some episodes), a company called Excalibur Films, lead by Arthur King (pun intended?) imported a bunch of japanese adult animations. That company released (and is still releasing) all kind of real life porn as well.

Under the hilariously named 'Brothers Grime' label, some Cream Lemon episodes were released, as well as other titles, namely 'SF Lolita Fantasy' and 'Little Mermaid Series: Telepatist IQ 315'. Three tapes were released in total, all dubbed with various results, from pathetic to hilarious (Rall). Most of the time BGM tracks were replaced by some crappy elevator music (not always, you can hear Pop Chaser BGM on the edited Rall episode, and I suspect the opening music of Star Trap to be taken from Violence Jack 1). One of the goals was probably to hide as much as possible the actual origin of these episodes. They probably had access to all episodes released up to mid-1987 but have chosen to publish only a few.

The videos were edited to death, in order to increase the sex scenes duration with all kind of dirty tricks, like looping over the same frames even more than the japanese version, going through the same scene backwards and forward, and putting the same shot at different places (including putting it on a different episode). Funnily enough, some sex shots were removed in the process, in White Shadow you miss a small part of the car sex scene and a few seconds of the final scene. Obviously the meaning of many scenes were changed in the dub. The (only) positive aspect is that all episodes are uncensored, for the parts that were not removed lol. The last tape has also an interesting editorial choice as it's regrouping the horror-themed episodes.

The following episodes were imported and renamed as:

Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons Vol.1 (NO Cream Lemon contents)
SF Lolita Fantasy OME-1 Part 1 -> Gonad the Barbarian
Little Mermaid Series: Telepatist IQ 315 -> Search for Uranus (whatever it means)

Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons Vol.2
Part 3 (Rall) -> Offenders of the Universe (Rall was released uncensored in Japan)
Part 10 (Star Trap) -> same title

Brothers Grime X-Rated Cartoons Vol.3: Pandora An Erotic Trilogy
Part 17 (White Shadow) -> Pandora Part 2: The Black Widow (some explicit shots missing)
Part 18 (Demonic Doll/Madol) -> Pandora Part 3: Living Shadows
Part 38 (Dark) -> Pandora Part 1: The Dark Forest


They can be also found on DVD format but the quality is VHS-like (transcoded?). With this material it is possible to fully decensor the 4 episodes concerned except White Shadow. Rall does not count since it was already uncensored thanks to the "tentacle trick" in the japanese VHS/Betamax and LD releases.

There is another collection of VHS/DVD releases, with a much higher number of episodes being picked. A label called Blue Animation, belonging to Filmco (another murican porn maker), imported illegally a lot of 80s and 90s adult animations. The VHS tapes are all with original japanese dialogue and original censorship (duh!), a lot of the title or credits screens being removed. It is possible that an episode is not complete, and that there is a bonus episode after the main episode. A few titles made it on DVD, I indicate below which of them are confirmed on that format.

Here is the known listing concerning the CL episodes:

Part 1 (Be my Baby) -> Be my Honey (DVD)
Part 2 (Escalation 1) -> Schoolgirl Orgies
Part 3 (Rall) -> Beautiful Girls of Anime (what were they smoking???)
Part 4 (Pop Chaser) -> Pop Chasers
Part 5 (Ami Again) -> The Story of Ami 4
Part 8 (Super Virgin) -> Super Virgin Groupies
Part 13 (Ami III) -> The Story of Ami 3
Part 14 (Narisu Scramble) -> Sex Academy
Part 24 (Etude 2) -> Summer Love Games
Part 31 (Ami Sorekara 1) -> The Story of Ami 1 (DVD)
Part 32 (Ami Sorekara 2) -> In the Midst of Sadness (DVD)
Part 33 (Ami Sorekara 3) -> Ami's Climax
Part 34 (Ami Sorekara 4) -> The Story of Ami 5
Ami Seishun Graffiti (compilation of Parts 1+5+13) -> The Story of Ami 2 (DVD, incomplete as it's missing the part corresponding to Part 13)
Tou (Toh?) Moriyama Kessakusen (compilation of episodes made by Moriyama Tou/Toh, so 17+25+30) -> The Story of Toh (they thought Toh is a character name mwahahaha)

Some more episodes available only as 'bonus', for instance Part 30 (Cherry Nayuuutsu) has been identified on a DVD release. There is much more titles to be found as I said, some like Secret of Teleclub or Travelling Fantasies (aka Fruits Version) existing on DVD.

Quite recently a 6-volume compilation DVD was released, each volume running for 3 to 4 hours (!) of animated smut. Again there is no guarantee that each episode featured is complete, and you get most of the previously listed episodes again in a completely random way. Thanks to some screen previews a few extra episodes were identified (Escalation 3, Europa no Inshou, Aoi Sei, Ikenai Mako-chan 1). They were maybe available as bonus in the original VHS releases. Quality is as good as a 'japanese VHS -> american VHS -> american DVD transcode' can be.

Moreover there is another series of bootleg DVD releases made by some label that I forgot the name of, will add a few words later. Nothing groundbreaking, but you can find among those releases some ecchi titles that were never officially released on DVD in US, like Minna Agechau (take that CPM!).


In the country of drug dealers and transgender people football and samba, a japanese expatriate called 'Toshi' (Toshihiko Egashira apparently) had the idea of importing anime tapes in Brazil, and not being scared of adult material he included Cream Lemon in the lot. In the Everest Video label you can find most the first 16 episodes. Among those 16 there is no confirmation for a release of Ami III (part 13) or Escalation 3 (part 16) yet. He got his hands also on some regular anime and tokusatsu shows. About the Cream Lemon imports, I don't need to go into all details, since a lot is already explained in the following links:

http://www.jbox.com.br/materias/son... (currently in maintenance, see the archived version at https://web.archive.org/web/2014051...)


If you don't get the portuguese, use online translators as I did. :P

The series was renamed as 'Sonhos Molhados' (Wet Dreams in english). I can say that there are 7 VHS tapes confirmed at the moment, and that each tape includes 2 episodes as far as I can tell. That makes 14 episodes out of the original 16 confirmed for release. For 5 6 all those 7 tapes I have found cover scans. As I have also found a LQ rip of the first tape (Amy my Baby, containing episodes 1+5 in full), I can say that the contents is original japanese dub with green color portuguese hardsubs, and that the whole thing is uncensored! In principle it is possible to use the uncensored shots on the japanese raws, but sometimes there is dialogue at those moments, meaning horrible green text on picture. The quality of that rip is very questionable so an uncensored version of episodes 1 or 5 is out of question for the moment.

I have seen various tapes, mostly the 'Mako-chan' and Rall tapes on a brazilian auction site called Mercadolibre, but can't really buy them at the moment as it requires a local address for shipping. If you are interested to help finding and buying those tapes please contact us through IRC or email or smoke signs. It seems the tapes were recorded into NSTC format, and not PAL which is the brazilian television standard as far as I know.

I have seen a bunch of brazilian localization of the Blue Animation DVD releases, like Be my Honey, which is not surprising considering the 'cult' following of the series there.


The next part (or parts) will be about good old Europe.